Laing Heater Replacements for Dimension One Spas

If your hot tub isn't heating as well as it used to, your heater may not be working properly and need to be replaced.

The 01781-27 Fast Flo, Low Flow Heater & Flow Switch by Laing has an element that will not rust or scale.

This heater comes with a Titanium Element and our 2-Year No Questions Asked" Parts Warranty.

Since 2010, Easy Spa Parts is the only company to sell all Laing Heater replacements with a titanium element. Compared to common incaloy elements, titanium offers these advantages.
• Contains no iron and will not rust or corrode
• Does not allow scale to attach to the element surface
• Resists structural fatigue
• Extends the life of your spa heater
• Carries our exclusive 2-year No Questions Asked warranty

In the last few years even more upgrades have been made to the Low Flow Heating System. The Low Flow Heater design was transferred to Therm Products in about 2010. The new owners added a new, even more efficient “water box” to the heater, making internal leaks almost a thing of the past.

While the Laing Corporation continues to make the incredibly efficient Circulation Pump for this heating system, they recently introduced a 230 volt version that cuts power consumption in half. (Dave, see attachment for details).

As you can see the Low Flow Heating System has become even more efficient and reliable than the day it was introduced. For more information about buying the best replacement for these amazing heaters, contact Easy Spa Parts (866) 418-1840 or find them under “Laing Heaters” on our website:

Manufacturers who use the Low Flow Heating System include:

 • Dimension One Spas
 • Sundance Spas
 • Jacuzzi Spas
 • Caldera Spas
 • Artesian Spas
 • Hydro Quip Spas
 • Hawkeye Spas
 • Dynasty Spas
 • LA Spas
 • Santa Barbara Spas

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